• Your child has had local anaesthetic (“freezing”). Watch that your child does not bite, suck or rub their lips/tongue/cheek while the area is frozen.
  • Please do not allow him/her to eat or drink until the freezing has worn off. The freezing can last up to 2 hours following the procedure.
  • Your child should have a soft diet for the next two or three days. Do not use a straw for drinking.
    Do not rinse the mouth for 24 hours. Gentle brushing around the extraction site can be started the day after the extraction. A clean mouth heals faster.
  • Try to avoid undue physical activity.
  • Bleeding can be controlled by applying pressure for 20 minutes with a gauze pad at the extraction site. It is not uncommon to have a small amount of bleeding for a number of hours after the extraction(s).
  • If your child experiences pain, analgesics (Children’s Tylenol or Advil) can be administered according to the manufacturers directions.
  • Swelling is not uncommon and may occur for up to 48 hours after the extraction(s).