Mouth Guards

What are Mouth Guards?

  • Athletic mouth guards are comprised of soft plastic and vary in comfort, protection, and cost.
  • The ones found in athletic stores are usually the least expensive but also tend to be the least effective in preventing oral injuries.
  • Customized mouth guards, which are laboratory fabricated, can be provided through our practice.
  • These are more comfortable and can be more effective in preventing oral-facial injuries and concussions.

Why are Mouth Guards important?

  • Mouth Guards should be a part of every athlete‚Äôs uniform. They are as important as knee pads, helmets, and other athletic protective equipment.
  • They protect the teeth, lips, gums, and tongue. They also can prevent children from concussions and jaw fractures.
  • Many organized sports require mouth guards to prevent injury to children. Many people think that heavy contact sports like football and hockey are the most damaging to the teeth, but almost half of sports related mouth injuries occur while playing basketball, baseball and many other sports.