Oral Sedation

  • The goal of sedation is to reduce anxiety, increase cooperation and to decrease discomfort associated with dental procedures. Most children become relaxed and drowsy with oral sedation.
  • For your child’s safety he/she must come to the appointment with an empty stomach. Please see the food and liquid restrictions below. Failure to follow these restrictions may result in the cancellation of your child’s appointment.
  • Please inform us if your child is taking any medication.

Oral Sedation Food and Liquid Restrictions

  • Clear liquids (water, apple juice, ginger ale) should be stopped 3 hours before appointment time.
  • Milk, light foods (NOT fried or fatty foods or meat) should be stopped 8 hours before appointment time
  • After the appointment, your child will remain in the dental office until the effects of the sedation are minimal. Once home, your child must remain under supervision until fully recovered from the effects of the sedation.

Pre-Operative Instructions

  • Your child must be in good health 10 days prior to appointment time. Please inform the office if your child becomes ill, or experiences flu like symptoms or chest congestion.
  • A responsible adult must be present to care for the child for the rest of the day after treatment is completed.
  • Recovery can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes before the child is able to leave the office.