• Elastics (Rubber Bands) are an important part of your orthodontic treatment.  To achieve the optimal result from your treatment, the rubber bands must be worn as prescribed.
  • Elastics are used to help “fit” upper and lower teeth together, close small spaces, assist in the correcting upper and lower midline (front tooth discrepancies), and assisting in moving the teeth to their correct position.
  • Instructions for wearing elastics:
  • Please wear your elastics exactly as directed – otherwise you will prolong treatment
  • Remove elastics only to eat – a fresh set should go in after eating
  • Change the elastics 3 or 4 times during the day as they lose their elasticity
  • Carry your elastics with you all the time.  If one breaks, replace it right away.  When they lose their stretch, rubber bands don’t provide the proper pressure on your teeth
  • Teeth always move when the elastics are worn consistently
  • If elastics are not worn as prescribed, your treatment time will be extended
  • If you run out of elastics, loose wire, loose bracket, a broken hook please call the office.  These problems should be corrected as soon as possible
  • Particiaption is necessary to finish treatment on schedule and also to achieve an excellent result.  Thank you in advance for your full participation

If in any discomfort or pain, please contact the office immediately.