Expander Turning Instructions

Once your expander is inserted you will be instructed to begin turning the screw located in the roof of the mouth allowing the upper jaw to widen to the desired amount.

To obtain the expansion needed the expander will need to be activated or turned the number of times indicated before your next visit.
Once completed, stop turning, until your next visit.
Please only turn the expander once a day! If you miss a day, do not try and make up an extra turn the next day.

A space will eventually open between the upper front teeth. This is normal. Once you stop turning the expander the space will start to close by itself, which is also normal.

Eat normal foods, just nothing too sticky or gooey. Cut spaghetti noodles in half as they can get caught around the expander appliance.

Keep the expander clean by brushing it and rinsing out after every meal. Especially around the molars where the expander is attached to the teeth.

The wax will be a big help for any sore spots that may develop.

The expander will stay in place for a MINIMUM of 4-6 months to ensure there is no relapse in treatment.
It is very rare for the expander to come loose, but if it does please notify the office immediately.

Your cooperation is essential if we are to achieve the best possible results!

If there is any prolonged discomfort or pain, please contact the office immediately.