Stainless Steel Crowns and Space Maintainers

  • Crowns are small caps that cover the teeth to protect them if damage has occurred and to also prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Space maintainers are small appliances that help to prevent permanent teeth from drifting and blocking out other permanent teeth.
  • These appliances can be dislodged with hard or chewy foods (caramels, jawbreakers, bubble gum, hard candies).  These foods should be avoided at all times.
  • If the space maintainer or crown should become dislodged, save it and contact the office for an appointment immediately. In most cases, the appliance can be re-cemented. If you wait to contact the office for an appointment, the appliance may not fit and a new one may be necessary.
  • Bringing your child for regular recall examinations (check-ups) will allow the dentist to properly follow up on these appliances.