Zirconia crowns are tooth-coloured full-coverage restorations used to treat teeth with multi-surface caries (ie. “tooth decay”) or caries close to the pulp (ie. “vital organ” of teeth)

Better alternative for posterior primary (i.e. “back baby”) teeth is stainless steel crowns (SSCs) as Zirconia crowns have higher: 1) failure rates; 2) cost; 3) need for prophylactic pulpotomy (ie. baby teeth “root canal treatment”) due to increase tooth reduction requirements; 4) gingival (gum) problems.

Better alternatives for anterior primary (ie. “front baby”) teeth is extraction. Please note that extracting primary incisors, after the eruption of the primary canines, have very few (if any) functional problems. Anterior teeth restored with Zirconia crowns should not be used to bite with because this practice increases the failure rate.

In some cases, it may not be possible to fit Zirconia crown on the prepared tooth/teeth. In this event, SSCs (for posterior teeth only) or extraction (ie. “tooth removal”) will be required despite the plan of placing Zirconia crowns on such tooth/teeth.

Zirconia crowns are contraindicated when there’s dental crowding or bruxing habit (ie. grinding). Also, these crowns come only in one shade and it is often difficult to orient the crown properly during cementation. Thus, perfectly matching such crowns to surrounding teeth (in terms of color and position/angulation) is not possible.

If the Zirconia crown(s) comes out, future treatment may not be covered by your dental insurance. Thus, the parents are solely responsible for paying for any/all future treatment, which includes (but is not limited to) various forms of sedation, extraction(s) or placement of SSCs on such tooth/teeth, etc.).